What Are Panoramic X-Rays?

Are you searching for a dentist in Bloomingdale, IL, that always offers the very best technology? At Epic Dental Spa we are constantly upgrading and investing in our technology to continue to enhance the patient experience. We offer panoramic x-rays to help patients maintain and care for their oral health. This technology also allows our doctors to monitor and detect problems with the mouth, teeth, or jaw structure.

Panoramic x-ray technology can capture a patient’s entire mouth in one image. This digital image includes the head and neck and gives our doctor a complete picture of the tissue and jaw structure. Panoramic x-rays help to identify and detect abnormalities that standard x-rays can not see. This technology helps provide the very best care for our patients and allows our team to maintain and improve our patients’ oral health

Why Do We Need Panoramic X-Rays?

Panoramic x-rays are recommended for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to provide exceptional care with the latest technology, and panoramic x-rays help our team to detect problems early, monitor areas of concern, and access a patient’s oral health for orthodontics or other health conditions.

Benefits of Panoramic X-rays Include:

  • Detecting problems early 
  • Prevents complications
  • Reveals changes or abnormalities
  • Can assist with orthodontic care
  • Helps to monitor wisdom teeth
  • Can identify issues such as oral cancer, cysts, growths in detail

What Can I Expect During a Panoramic X-Ray?

When patients require a panoramic x-ray, our team will review the entire process so they feel comfortable and at ease during the process. We begin by positioning the head and chin on the machine in our x-ray room. The x-ray machine will rotate completely around the head to take a detailed picture of the entire mouth and jaw. The process is quick and painless and takes approximately 30 seconds to complete.

Images are uploaded instantly to be reviewed by our doctor and with our patients. Panoramic x-rays are only recommended every 3-5 years, or if we suspect an issue that requires further analysis or images. We care about our patients’ oral health and believe that early detection with the very best technology can save lives. Proper imaging combined with excellent care can prevent patients from having to go through expensive treatments. 

Searching for a Bloomingdale Dentist That Offers the Latest Technology?

If you are searching for a quality dentist near you that offers the latest technology including panoramic x-rays contact Epic Dental Spa. We know choosing a dentist you can trust is important, and our team works to ensure our patients receive quality care and have a positive experience.

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